Real-Time Care™ DayCare – supporting early childhood educators

It’s a big thing to take care of the little ones.

Fastroi RTC™ DayCare is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for the needs of all kinds of daycare centres, both in the public and the private sector.


It has been developed in cooperation with industry professionals and can be used as a comprehensive solution in all early education applications.

The system allows for entering work and care hours easily and transferring data in real time. For daily work allocation requirements, the system includes a work shift planning section customised for the needs of early education.

The system can be used on a mobile device (Android) with a mobile data or Wi-Fi connection.

The solution is based on the Fastroi enterprise resource planning system (ERP). It includes many standard interfaces, allowing easy connection to various background systems. The system is a cost-efficient and scalable solution for both small and large organisations.


  • Recording and monitoring of care times
  • Work shift planning and supervision
  • Monitoring employee working hours
  • Electronic day care application forms
  • Electronic transactions & communication channel for guardians and day care employees
  • Automatic working hour entries based on care hours
  • Monitoring employee wages and reimbursements of costs and expenses
  • Producing customer invoicing material for family day care and day-care centres
  • Booking day care places
  • Making placement and fee decisions
  • Monitoring children’s meals

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