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Substance abuse service

I don’t think anyone would mind if working becomes a little bit easier.

The Fastroi Real-Time Care™ enterprise resource planning (ERP) system supports care work processes and is well suited for the needs of non-institutional and institutional units providing substance abuse treatment. The system can also be used for the monitoring and invoicing of rehabilitation services provided within assisted housing, among others. Fastroi Real-Time Care™ is a powerful tool for managing, planning and reporting care work.

More time for the actual rehabilitation

The system stores all customer information in one location and makes it easy to collect and record information. Processes become smoother thanks to the predefined classifications and form templates found in the system. Customer-specific rehabilitation plans, weekly programmes, evaluations, physiological measurement results and medication information, among other things, can all be collected in the software. Printing out documents, medicine dispensing bases and medication histories also facilitates the management of information and reporting. Challenges of mobile work are reduced by the easy entry and viewing of information on mobile devices.

Less errors, more opportunities

The system contains an up-to-date medicine database courtesy of the Finnish Pharmaceutical Information Centre to support daily work with medications. Up-to-date information on a customer’s medication and its effects improves safety and reduces the possibility of errors. The system is highly flexible and can be widely integrated with patient information systems, payroll, financial administration systems and quality management systems. Several user levels and automatic backup copying improve the data security of customer information.

Optimal planning of work shifts

Thanks to work shift planning and optimisation, the management is able to plan the work shifts of rehabilitation workers smoothly. The workload is divided evenly amongst employees, and the quality of work does not suffer even when it’s busy.

Fastroi Real-Time Care™ solution:

Challenge: Updating reports is difficult and consumes a large part of the work hours of rehabilitation workers.

Solution: The enterprise resource planning (ERP) system makes it easy to prepare and view reports alongside the actual rehabilitation work. All information is recorded in the same system which keeps it secure all the time and allows modifications at any time. Easy reporting and updating of information leaves more time for actual rehabilitation.