Residential Care services for the elderly

Taking care of others should be as easy as possible.

Residential care staff for the elderly need to be able to review the information of several customers every day, going through information related to previous medical care, finances and medications, among other things. There is no room for error, and the information must be updated regularly.

Attention must also be given to the planning of work shifts by the management in particular dividing the workload evenly among employees. Electronic enterprise resource planning helps to get these things easily under control.

Real-Time Care allows our customers to save time and money by automating their processes and daily routines. This brings about improvements to the quality of work as staff now have more time for the actual care work.

Safe management of customer information

Secure, real-time processing of customer information and the various user levels of the systems improve the data security of our customers and helps the management of information making regulatory compliance easier.

Work efficiency is improved by the integration with various patient information systems, nurse calls, safety bracelets, payroll, financial administration systems and quality management systems for example.

Efficient work shift planning

The planning and optimisation of work shifts enables management to easily arrange work shifts for both the employees and the customers.

Management is also able to react quickly in unexpected situations, such as in the case of illness, as they can see the real-time workload of each employee in the system.

Smooth viewing of data

The system allows care and rehabilitation workers to see customer information easily on their mobile device, this is especially useful during a customer visit for example. Care workers can also record visit information directly into the system and enter notes concerning anything from shopping needs to changes in medication. This can be done easily wherever and whenever.

Fastroi Real-Time Care™ solution:

Challenge: Almost half of the time of care workers is spent on secondary matters, such as the information reporting using outdated and difficult systems. This always reduces the time available for the actual care work.

Our solution: Real-time management and viewing of information in a mobile application improves the efficiency of work and saves time.

Challenge: Systems used in care work are impractical and tricky, and family members often don’t get to know how their loved one is doing in practice.

Our solution: Our system allows for clear documentation and easy viewing of the processes related to care and rehabilitation work. A separate application called “Network of Care” allows communication between care workers and family members, making the process even more transparent.