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More humanity is needed in care work. This can be achieved by improving and clarifying the processes, for example by utilising technology.

Fastroi Real-Time Care™ (ERP) software is a comprehensive customer and patient information system. It also helps in the implementation of effective ERP processes in care and social welfare as well as healthcare environments.

Among other things, the system improves the management of customer information, the planning of work shifts and paperwork. Both employees, customers and family members benefit from the smoother processes.

Secure and systematic management of information

The various user levels of the system improve data security and the management of their information. Automatic backups and electronic data files guarantee the security and safety of patient information while still being organised in only one.

Less errors, more time

Thanks to the predefined classifications and form templates, information can be recorded consistently and accurately in terms of disease and diagnoses. The system contains an up-to-date medicine database courtesy of the Finnish Pharmaceutical Information Centre to support daily work with medications. The system makes work smoother and more accurate and frees up time for actual care work instead of paperwork.

Extensive integration features

The extensive integration features make the system even more versatile. The system can be integrated with patient information systems, payroll, financial administration systems and quality management systems. The electronic prescription (ePrescription is available in Finland at the moment) can also be connected to the system.

Other additional features include work shift planning and customer invoicing. An online appointment feature can also be connected to the system to support the operations of medical centres, for example.

Fastroi Real-Time Care™ solution:

Challenge: Many systems don’t include integration with the Patient Data Archive and electronic prescriptions. Daily work at medical centres, for example, becomes complex as patient information is scattered across several systems.

Solution: Integration of the Fastroi Real-Time Care™ system with the Finnish Kanta Patient Data Archive and the electronic prescription (ePrescription) facilitates serving the patients and managing customer information. The system is also used by the so-called online doctors who treat patients within virtual environments.