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Fastroi Real-Time Care™ DayCare

Sometimes you only need to change the small things.

Fastroi Real-Time™ DayCare is an electronic enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for the needs of day-care centres and family day care, both in the public and private sector. It has been developed in cooperation with industry professionals and can be used as a comprehensive solution in all early education. Electronic services for the parents allow them to book and monitor care times.

Information management doesn’t have to be difficult

The system allows entering work and care hours easily as well as transferring data and viewing details in real time. Fastroi RTC™ DayCare, is the only system needed for recording children’s meals in family day care and for monitoring employee wages and reimbursements of costs. The system works seamlessly on mobile devices. The agile enterprise resource planning system releases childminders’ and educators’ time for the most important task of all, spending time with the children.

Efficient planning of work

The work shift planning feature customised for early education allows the management to arrange work shifts easily. Fastroi RTC™ DayCare makes it easy to follow the basic idea behind efficient and effective planning of work shifts, i.e. placing employees in the right place at the right time. This ensures a high quality of service production. The smart system is also able to consider the calculation formulas based on legislation concerning working conditions, collective labour agreements and the interpretations of such agreements, and presents such information to the planner in an easily understood format.

Service package adapted to your needs

The system includes lots of standard interfaces, allowing easy connections with various background systems. The system is also a cost-efficient and scalable solution for both small and large organisations.

Fastroi DayCare solution:

Challenge: Thousands of working hours in early childhood education are lost each month due to manual record-keeping.

Our solution: The Fastroi solution makes the entry of records faster and simpler. Work hours are saved, freeing up time for other things – such as spending time with the children.

Challenge: Information about the children may be scattered in several different locations, and you may forget to update the information.

Our solution: All the required information can be found without problems in an electronic format. Updating the information becomes a routine task when you can do it quickly, anywhere and at any time.