Domiciliary Care

Let’s spend more time on the most valuable assets – the people.

Thanks to its versatile and customised properties, Real-Time Care can be adapted to the needs of our customers.  Improving efficiency by automating the processes in areas such as time and resource management, invoicing, collection of information and reporting, both in the public and private sector.

Fastroi Real-Time Care is used in mobile work in home care and home service, home nursing, assistance and cleaning services, among others. Our services help our customers save up to 25–30% in time and costs in the management of their daily routines, which allows them to improve the quality of their care work.

Safer management of information

Secure, real-time processing of electronic customer information, as well as establishing user level hierarchy in the system improves the data security of our customers as well as the management of information for regulatory purposes.

The system is highly flexible and can be widely integrated with various patient information systems, nurse calls, safety bracelets, payroll, financial administration systems and quality management systems.

Real-time management of mobile work

The planning and optimisation of work shifts allows management to easily arrange work shifts that are sympathetic to the employees needs. Doing this helps to improve the quality of service offered to customers.

Real-Time Care allows management to monitor and swiftly respond to unexpected situations in the field and to send advice or instructions to the employees straight away.

Update documentation easily regardless of location

The system is easy to use and works seamlessly on mobile devices, making it the ideal tool for the management of services offered at home. The application allows the employees to see all information related to the day’s customer visits on their mobile device or tablet. In addition, they can record the results of the visits during the visit or right afterwards.

Fastroi Real-Time Care™ solution:

Challenge:  In Finland, almost 50% of the work shift of care staff is spent on clerical work at the computer*. This reduces the time available for the actual care work.
(*Source: Digital Workforce, “Tietotyön ajankäyttö sairaanhoitopiireissä 2016” (“Use of time in information work in the hospital districts 2016”).

Our solution: Real-time management, viewing and reporting of information with an easy-to-use system improves the efficiency and quality of work while also reducing paperwork.

Challenge: Systems used in home care are complex and difficult. Family members, for example, don’t usually get real-time information about the practical care work done at the old person’s home.

Our solution: Our system allows clear documentation and easy viewing of the various steps of home care.

A separate communications application called Network of Care facilitates contacts between care workers and family members and makes the whole process more transparent.