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Child welfare

Let’s face it: No one can make it on their own – and there’s no need to either.

Fastroi Real-Time Care™ enterprise resource planning (ERP) system an ideal improver of operations in companies, associations and foundations offering child welfare services, such as family and support homes. The system can also be used in non-institutional social care and its support activities, follow-up care and child welfare centres.

Our Fastroi Real-Time Care™ solution makes reporting simpler and improves the customer’s information security, among other things, and makes supervision and the correct allocation of resources more efficient.

Secure handling of important information

The secure real-time processing of customer information offered by our solution improves customer safety and gives your staff more time to concentrate on the customer’s needs, when reports can be viewed and information recorded smoothly. Also the various user levels of the system improve data security and the management of information.

Responding to the challenges of mobile work

The mobile system is an easy-to-use tool for care workers, specially customised for the comprehensive supervision of services offered at home. Using the mobile application, the employees can view all the relevant information concerning the house calls of the day, such as restrictive measures, reports about threatening situations and statements given. They can also complete all the documentation related to the visits easily directly in the system immediately after the visit if they like.

Information made available easily

Child welfare work involves lots of processing of forms and viewing of information. Thanks to the system, information can be analysed easily, and employees can always find what they are looking, from forms to status reports, quickly in the same location. The document templates of Fastroi Real-Time Care® software meet the requirements of the Finnish  Social Welfare Customer Documents Act.

Fastroi Real-Time Care™ solution:

Challenge: Making “double entries”–time is lost and operations lack cost-efficiency.

Our solution: Customer information can be managed in real time using a mobile device, and there is no need for double entries. All information is stored in the same system and “double entries” are prevented.

Challenge: Child welfare work involves lots of restrictive measures and processing of forms. This makes the work of instructors more complicated and slows it down. Certain statutory guidelines also apply to documentation as child welfare work must be legally and ethically justifiable, hence the need for written proof.

Our solution: All important customer information and forms, also those approved by the authorities and based on legislation, can be easily found in the Fastroi Real-Time Care® system. Completed forms and old reports can also be stored in the system, keeping all customer information in the same location and easily reachable.