Fastroi Real-Time Care can be connected to dozens of systems through its interfaces, and the system also works on mobile without problems, allowing you to view and report information wherever and whenever.

Fastroi Real-Time Caresystem is highly functional and can be widely integrated with various nurse calls, safety bracelets, payroll, financial administration systems and quality management systems.

Patient information systems

  • Effica, Pegasos and GFS

Invoicing and payroll systems

  • AX, Dynamics NAV, Econet extended ,Econet mdb, eFina, Finvoice 2.0.1, Lasso 2100, Maestro, NetBaron, Netvisor, Nova, ProCountor csv, ProCountor finvoice, Tikon, Asteri, Billmate, Sonet, MEPCO, Admicom, Aditro, Personec F, Efina, Mepco daily, Mepco basic level, DL Software, Aditro, Personec W

Work shift planning

  • Titania, Velho, Ortec (Wopla)

Alarm systems

  • Tunstall, Everon


  • RAI integration (Raisoft), Kanta= Patient Data Archive  (Atostek eRa), Fastroi Real-Time Care ePrescription
  • The electronic prescription (ePrescription) section is implemented as an independent module which includes the following functions:
    • Retrieval of prescriptions
    •  Creation and signing of prescriptions
    • Correction and signing of prescriptions
    • Cancelling and signing of prescriptions
    • Unlocking and signing of prescriptions
    • Renewal of prescriptions and processing of renewal request
  • Printouts:
    • Prescription summary
    • Prescription summary for trips abroad
    • Patient instructions for purchases made abroad