Welcome to new Fastroi!

- Kirjoittanut Risto Jalovaara, CEO

We are excited and proud to announce our new brand image and logo today the 14th of February – Valentine’s Day! The team at Fastroi  have worked hard to create this change alongside our ad agency, Fabrik. The new brand image will be visible in all of our marketing and communication material and we will also launch a new product this year. In Finland, Valentine’s day is known as ‘Friends Day’ and we are very much looking forward to sharing our new products and branding over the coming year with our friends: Our customers and partners.

The History Behind the Idea

Fastroi Ltd. was founded in 2003 in co-operation with the Business Incubator of Joensuu Science Park. However, the idea for the ERP software had been on my mind for many years before that.

I had been working for some years as a family carer for my mother while studying in the late 80s. While working with the nurses in Joensuu’s city home care, I noticed how challenging and important their work was. I also learnt how it was made much more difficult using the outdated reporting systems of that time. It was very hard to get all of the relevant information about your own family member in a timely manner and information was located in different places and with different people. This also made the job of caring for my mother that much harder. So, I already had a first idea idea how an enhanced ERP system could help nurses in their daily work.

New brand, new start

The last few years has been exciting times for our team.

Fastroi Ltd. divided into two companies in 2015. One of the companies, Softroi Ltd., focuses on infrastructure, property construction and maintenance services. Softroi became the largest road maintenance system provider in Finland as soon as it started its operations. Fastroi Ltd. continues in the social and healthcare service sector.

Fastroi also bought the share capital of Necora Ltd. This further expanded Fastroi’s services into the social sector.

During these times of change, we took the opportunity to give our company branding and identity a new look, we also reviewed our core brand values together, as a team. By selecting orange as the new main colour for the company, we want to project a warm and inviting feeling that has innovation at the centre of everything we do. This is the way we want to present ourselves as we step into the global arena.

We want to make it as easy as possible to take care of other people and our new slogan is “Caring Together”. For us, technology is only the facilitator for providing outstanding care. It brings together those in need of help with the wider caregiving community. We make the task of caring easier by sharing the thoughts and ideas that matter most.


Our company is a market leader in home care and housing services for the elderly in Finland. We are now aiming to become the preferred partner for home care and residential care providers  throughout the markets we are targeting around the world.  So, we believe that our new branding and software gives us a fresh start to our global success story!

Our team is here to serve our customers

The expertise of our team is not limited to technical skills alone. Thanks to our broad experience and skills, we understand the requirements of care work and are able to help enhance the processes. Through our comprehensive solution, we are able to improve the entire workflow operations for our clients,allowing them to best support the staff, the patients and their loved ones.

So on this Valentine’s day, we hope that by “Caring Together” we can work to develop new processes with our partners and customers for care work .  A new way to care.

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