Thank You Birmingham you were Outstanding! Next Stop London!

- Written by Risto Jalovaara, CEO


So here we are. Reflecting on a hectic few weeks that culminated in 2 days in Birmingham’s NEC at the Dementia Care and Nursing Home Expo. The wash- up meeting has been held and lessons have been learnt!

Any exhibition is the culmination of weeks, if not months of preparation and for Fastroi, this was no exception. For any company, the prospect of starting to do business in the UK can be daunting, but with the right team in place amazing things can happen.

Understanding the Problems

At the start of 2018, we received a copy of a CQC report compiled by Fastroi’s UK team. It would fundamentally change the way we looked at the way that Fastroi introduce their product, not only in the UK, but everywhere. Such interesting insights into the UK care market have really given us the confidence that the product we have created will be successful in the UK. You can download our latest white paper here.

The report looked into the data from the Care Quality Commission website for Home and Domiciliary Care Services. What we found was both shocking and inspiring. It showed that the quality of care being received in around 1 in 4 establishments was not nearly good enough. We became inspired, because we had uncovered an uncomfortable truth in the statistics. The situation, far from improving, had remained largely the same for the last ten years or so. As we looked through all of the issues, we noticed that the things that were regularly causing companies problems could easily be solved for good with a digital solution like Fastroi’s Real-Time Care™(RTC).

Technology is Normal in Finland

In Finland we have been using digital services for many years. Our banks, tax service and healthcare systems have all been online and digital for many years. Fastroi have been leading the way with their comprehensive product for residential and domiciliary care software and as we prepared for the exhibition in Birmingham we felt that we needed to share our experiences.

As is the case with such lightbulb moments, it was just the start of the journey. Many hours were spent writing white papers, blog posts, creating booklets and presentations – carefully crafting our message right up until the last minute! In fact our mission became very clear. Our digital solution really could help care providers to ‘Become Outstanding’. The highest CQC rating.

Chocolate and Chat

When we finally arrived in Birmingham, the printed material arrived on time and the stand looked great. The Finnish chocolates kept everyone’s energy levels up and the message was getting out. It was a very busy 2 days and it felt as if we spoke to each of the 4000 visitors who attended. It was really great to be amongst the 200 other exhibitors as well in a great atmosphere. One of the most interesting pieces of information to come out of the 2 days was that around ⅔ of the visitors were representing small care home companies who were managing less than 3 homes.

The transformation towards digital solutions in the residential and domiciliary care services industry has begun and we at Fastroi will be looking to bring the message to as many people as possible.

We have already booked up for the event next year as well as starting preparations for the Health+Care event in London in June! If you are going to be there, come and see us and grab a chocolate! If you want to set up a meeting, then just reach out and lets set it up!

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