How is my relative doing in a nursing home?

- Kirjoittanut Johanna Tanninen, Marketing and HR Director

One of the drawbacks of modern life is that we may have friends or loved ones who live far away from us. While everyone is healthy this is not such a problem, but what happens if our loved one needs to go into a nursing home? It may not be possible to visit as often as we might like, and while frequent phone calls to the care home may update us with some of the information, things may be missed and for the nursing staff, taking unplanned phone calls is a drain on their efficiency.

So the challenge facing both the care home and the patient’s nearest and dearest, is to find a way to keep an open communication channel that can keep the family informed and at the same time, allow the staff to focus as much of their time as possible on caring for their patients. This is the reason for creating the  Network of Care service service from Fastroi. It offers family members real time access to the dedicated nurses daily schedule and provides a secure communication channel direct to the nursing staff.

The service allows loved ones to send and receive messages directly with the nursing staff as well as being able to follow the nursing staff’s schedule using the calendar feature and keep up to date on the care programme of their loved one. The nursing staff update the status of the patient on the system and this information is immediately available to the the family. Information is ‘pushed’ to the family, while previously the family had to ‘pull’ the information by calling the home. The need for frequent calls is reduced and the nurse is able to get on with their job of caring. Everyone is better informed and the service is made more efficient.

How can family members use the service?

Family members can start using the service on the website once an agreement has been signed with the nursing care provider.
Family members can log in to the service with a phone number and secure monthly changing PIN code, using either a browser or a mobile application. Our service is available for Android and iOS devices.

How can  Fastroi Real-Time Care™ customers use the family portal?

Fastroi’s Network of Care is an applications which is integrated to our  Real-Time Care™ ERP system. The service is available to Fastroi Real-Time Care™ users for an additional fee. The service is easy to use, and Fastroi will provide assistance with getting started.

  • The benefits of using Network of Care
  • Transparent operations improve the quality of care.
  • Family Member Messaging saves time, as it reduces the need for phone calls and leaves more time for actual care work.
  • The new communications channel replaces the notebooks used in home care

Customer experiences of using the portal

Sisältöä elämään!®, a provider of nursing and wellbeing services in Finland, wanted to provide the families of its customers in continuous care with real time communications with the carers. The decision was truly pioneering, as it was the first use of the service in Finland.

“We found that Fastroi’s system was the most advanced solution for our needs on the market. We chose it because of its suitability and scalability,” says Jari H. Helenius, CEO and founder of Sisältöä elämään!® nursing and wellbeing services. He says that an added value service which makes communications more efficient not only improves the quality of care, but also helps the company stand out as a private provider of care services.

You can ask for more information about Network of Care by contacting our sales team or leaving a contact request on our website.

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