Our visit to Fastroi 14.1.2019

Written by Inkeri, Venla and Touko, Pielisjoki School, 8 A

Our cooperation with Fastroi began in the Autumn of 2017, when Johanna and Kristiina visited our school to tell us about Fastroi. At the start of 2018, two pupils from our class visited the Fastroi office to discuss ideas for future cooperation, which we weren’t able to do by the end of the last semester.

Our form teacher arranged a visit to Fastroi’s premises for the beginning of January. About a week before the visit, we wrote down questions in small groups for two specific employees of Fastroi, Erfan and Linh. We also translated the questions into English.

On the morning of the visit, we came to the Science Park where we were taken to Fastroi’s office area. We gathered in the meeting room, where the staff were waiting for us. We asked Erfan and Linh questions about Finnish food, their countries and culture and also about their job. Their answers were both fascinating and different.

After Erfan and Linh had left, we used the remaining time to discuss possible future cooperation and we agreed that we would arrange a sports day for the employees of Fastroi with activities of some sort for old people too. They also offered us a work experience placement.

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