Leading Finnish Healthtech company Fastroi to exhibit The Scottish Digital Health and Social Care Conference

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Fastroi will be attending this year’s Scottish Digital Health and Social Care Conference in Strathclyde University on the 22nd of November. This event continues Fastroi’s 15 year journey, which now sees them move from a market leading domestic operator in Finland to the international stage.

Fastroi are behind a technology platform for health and care organisations, that ensures a new level of flexibility in both the Home Care and Care at home environments. The product is called ‘Real Time Care’ or RTC and gives providers running home health or care services an unrivalled way to manage staff and improve the overall efficiency of their operation, as well as a safer management of service users.

RTC drives down the cost of treating patients at home or in care homes. Customers typically see a 25-30% cost and time saving in their operations. The mobile technology removes all of the inefficient practices, such as note taking and reporting, while at the same time making the whole process safer and less prone to mistakes. Some of the key features are:

  • Mobile real-time reporting – meeting CQC standards
  • Automated scheduling and optimisation
  • Matching staff skills to patient needs and allowing these changes to be realised on the fly
  • Optimised travelling that minimises non-contact time
  • Service-user Care Plans delivered automatically to mobile, containing Medication, routines, tasks and providing feedback – Better Outcomes
  • Ability for staff to report by speaking into their mobile while the system transcribes to text
  • Better quality of care for service users, through time released for care, increased employee satisfaction
  • Lone-worker alert system and employee messaging
  • Friends and Family Portal – providing information on current and future care

Fastroi will be exhibiting at the event in the main break-out area

We invite you to come and visit the team –  Mr. Jim Ward and Mr Scott Gibson (UK) will be available to discuss the product and services. We encourage you to pre-arrange a meeting with the team by contacting us at sales@fastroi.fi  or by visiting our website.

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