Health+Care and the Challenge of Digital Transformation

- Written by Jim Ward, UK Consultant

Fastroi recently attended the Health+Care event in London’s ExCel Arena. This marked the first major event in the UK for the Finnish based company and attending the event has been the culmination of over a year of preparation.

We had two objectives in attending the event. Firstly, to find out more about the market place in the UK. How does the home care/care home industry manage their resources and ensure that care standards are kept high? In addition to this, we were obviously interested in finding out what products and systems are available in the UK and how we stacked up against them. Secondly, we wanted to meet with potential customers to understand the requirements more. Our products have been developed closely with our Finnish customers, and we understand the need for customer input in all development phases. Therefore, it was a great opportunity to come and speak with the local councils and care providers to find out what they are looking for.

Leadership, Culture and Person Centred Care

One of the most striking discoveries we made, was that most providers are still using some kind of ‘paper based’ methods. This is particularly interesting when we consider that two of the characteristics of poor care, highlighted in the CQC’s recent report (p34-35), are staffing levels and poor medicine management. By continuing to use paper systems, the inefficiencies around effectively managing staff will remain, and the risk of issues arising through poor medicine management are obvious.

Another theme to come out of trip was the need for process monitoring. Monitoring care plans against care plans as well as performance against outcomes. Many local councils are looking for consistency across a range of providers and being able to measure and monitor the levels of service across different providers is clearly something that only can be achieved through a comprehensive digital transformation.

The CQC report discusses 3 characteristics of high quality care (p24-27), Leadership, Culture and Person Centred Care. Fastroi believe that lying across all three of these characteristics should be an effective process that defines, documents and connects everyone involved in the care, from the management team, the carers through to the service user and their families. This is where Digital Transformation really comes into its own.

Towards Digital Care

While there are many companies providing small steps towards digital care, Fastroi are the only one to offer a truly comprehensive system that can manage the whole process in a way that can be monitored and archived in a way that makes paper trails a thing of the past. Documentation is all done in real time using mobile devices and care plans can be created and the outcomes monitored and measured instantly. This makes the whole process more caring for their customers, more transparent to regulatory groups such as the CQC and more open to the family and loved ones of the service users. It also makes the lives of the care staff better as they can focus on the job of caring.

Fastroi have created a system that meets the needs of the UK healthcare industry, and we are looking forward to the next year where we plan to introduce our products to the UK market. We have also booked up for next year’s Health+Care event, so at the very least, we will meet you all again there!

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