What happens to the Health and Social Care Sectors when we radically re-think the way we plan and organise the structure of the care we give?

- Kirjoittanut Jim Ward

Fastroi to launch their new Real-Time Care (RTC) solution at the ‘Health+ Care’ event in London (28-29th June)

Having followed the recent UK general election with interest, we have seen that healthcare is top of the agenda for both politicians and voters alike. There has never been a better time to look at innovative ways to manage the care environment. With the finances of delivering care coming under ever more scrutiny, and service providers being asked to do more with less, the need to come up with new solutions to the everyday management of staff and patient care is critical.

By working smarter, we can start to address the amount of wasted time that eats into a care staff member’s day. Typically in the home care sector, the home visit is a key factor in keeping patients out of hospital for longer. Improving these processes can have huge implications throughout the health Service chain. At present, managing the staff routines and collating the data that is accumulated on a daily basis provides a headache for all involved. The care worker must perform their care duties, report the activities, manage medication, plan follow up care and if possible communicate with the patient and their families. They must then travel to their next appointment (where there might be traffic problems or getting lost) and repeat the process. By the end of the day, the notes must be filed,  reports written and follow up requirements put in place.

With this current way of working, there are many points throughout the day where mistakes could be made; from poor handwriting, misplaced notes to incorrect medication and poor transparency for the family. With more and more pressure being put on the care staff to maximise the number of visits while still keeping up with their reporting duties, the current system will not stand up to this kind of stress for ever.

The use of technology to define and manage the work process is key to solving this issue. By creating new tools that re imagine how we can handle the requirements and quality of care, we can make huge advances in the way we care for the most vulnerable in our society.

A New Way to Care

The use of mobile technology gives us the opportunity to become more efficient. The answer to some of our biggest challenges is now literally in the palm of our hands. Fastroi have developed ‘Real Time Care’ (RTC), the most comprehensive ERP system for the management of staff and patients in the care environment.

  • Mobile real-time reporting – meeting CQC standards
  • Automated scheduling and optimisation – matching staff skills to patient needs and allowing these changes to be realised on the fly.
  • Optimised travelling with minimal non-contact time
  • Service-user care plans delivered automatically to mobile, containing medication, routines, tasks and providing feedback
  • Ability for staff to report by speaking into their mobile while the system transcribes to text
  • Better quality of care for service users, through time released, increased employee satisfaction
  • Lone-worker alert system and employee messaging
  • Network of Care – providing information on current and future care

Unique features only available from Fastroi

Fastroi are the market-leading provider (over 60% of the home care market) of Planning and Scheduling software for Health and Social Care, in Finland. They have gained this experience by helping providers to improve services, reduce costs, improve efficiency and deliver better patient outcomes, by enhancing the care process. Our ‘Real Time Care’ product is the result of nearly 15 years of development. Our customers have seen cost and time savings of 25-30% in their daily routines which has been driven by the innovative ideas outlined above. For less than a combined cost of 2% of employee salaries, Fastroi would expect to provide a minimum of 5-10 times the return on investment.  We can arrange, through leasing, to provide a system with no upfront costs and where payments are made from savings.

‘Network of Care’ changes the game for everyone involved in care

One area that has seen significant advances in the way technology can help improve the care, is the idea of a ‘Network of Care’. The concept is simple. Allow the family and friends of care clients access to a portal where they can receive real time updates and communicate with the care workers regarding their loved one’s care.

The new Network of Care portal is a significant enhancement to Fastroi’s existing RTC product, offering a care client’s family members a new level of access to their loved one’s daily nursing schedule, as well as a secure communication channel with the nursing or care staff. The easy and convenient Network of Care service can be accessed through a browser or smartphone application. It allows the sharing of details, with NHS, Social Care and Third-Sector staff with permission.

Better Patient Outcomes

The Network of Care allows a new level of information to be gathered on the care client as well as providing much needed feedback to loved ones. This level of transparency can only have a positive impact on the level of care.

“Early adopters of the new messaging system show a real demand for our solution. We are the first company in Finland to provide such a solution that is so comprehensive and diverse,  while also being integrated into a customer information system” explains Risto Jalovaara, CEO of Fastroi.

Visit us at Health+Care

Fastroi will be attending this year’s Health Plus Care event at London’s ExCel Arena on the 28th-29th June 2017. We are the largest provider of software to manage staff and patients in a care environment. This has led us to be the market leaders having been providing solutions for over 10 years in Finland. We are now growing internationally and we are all very excited to be appearing in the UK for the first time.

Fastroi. Booth #34, Digital Healthcare Hall. Health Plus Care. 28-29th June.

We invite you to come and visit the team at Booth #F34 in the Digital Healthcare Hall. Ms. Pia Kauma (Director, International Markets) and Mr. Jim Ward (UK Representative) will be available to discuss the product. We encourage you to pre-arrange a meeting with the team by contacting us at sales@fastroi.fi or by visiting our website.

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