Flying High with Midsummer Happiness

- Written by Ian Walker, International Business Consultant

A recent UN report has announced that Finland is ranked as the happiest country in the world for 2018. When I read the article in a UK newspaper, I was intrigued to find out what it was about Finland that made everyone here so happy – including the immigrants like myself!

It is quite appropriate as we are now a few weeks away from attending the Health+Care event in London at the end of June, which happens just few days after Midsummer. It is a wonderful time of year to be living in the Nordics, as the shackles of winter are finally thrown off and summer truly begins. Families de-camp to summer cottages to enjoy swimming and fishing in the lakes, barbeques and a few drinks. The sun barely sets and it’s easy to understand why everyone is so happy!

Finland is a very Health Aware Country

But as the report states, there are many issues that go into making Finland such a good place to live. One of them is the healthcare system. The whole country seems to take responsibility for health and wellbeing very seriously, whether in the subtle way that salads are always provided to eat wherever you go or how exercise is ingrained in the culture all year round, from cross country skiing, ice hockey or long summer walks. Just looking out of my office window at the courtyard of a new apartment building next door and they have built a full outdoor gym for residents to use whenever they want.

Using technology to support the ageing population?

As we face the issues associated with an ageing population, many who may be suffering from multiple life threatening conditions brought about by genetics or poor lifestyle choices, I wonder how this positive attitude to health will affect future generations here in Finland.

In the UK, where lifestyle is very  different, is the timebomb of future health and wellbeing going to stress caring services even more?

So, as more pressure is placed on healthcare services and more emphasis is put on living a healthy lifestyle, it is important to ensure that we also make the best use of the technology that we develop, to provide the most efficient ways of caring for people who are in need of help.

Fastroi are at the forefront of creating technology that simplifies the way care services manage themselves. Improving the processes of care allows more time for the act of care itself. As leaders in care management, helping to make it easier to provide a better quality of care, we want to help UK carers maximise their time with patients through efficient and cost-effective digital transformation. Re-enabling individuals to live safe and fulsome lives in their place of residence.

If you are attending Health+Care, then please drop by our stand – (D30) and chat to us about how we can help your care business become outstanding! But if any of the Fastroi staff seem a little distracted in London, it could just be the call of the lakes and the midnight sun!

Happy Midsummer!

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