Finding the Value in Our Values – We Care

Written by Kristiina Arola, HR Manager

Throughout my working life I have done many jobs in a variety of workplaces with a wide range of work cultures. I finally settled into HR and have spent my most recent years as an HR Manager. As you might expect, I have participated in numerous interviews on both sides of the table and have learned a lot over the years.

Time and again I have come across companies who have lost sight of their values and they have been left to gather dust, meaning the importance of having a set of values ​​has not been understood.

When the values ​​of the company have been identified and well communicated, then the corporate culture becomes more consistent. If a company’s values ​​are a way of communicating the desired course of action, then when you apply for a job in that company, do you look at the job first or the company values? Which one holds more weight for you? The job or the values ​​of the job? So do you take a job that pays higher but might be above your capability, with a company that doesn’t fit with your values? Or do you take a less high powered job with less money for a company whose values and culture are a better fit with your own personal values?

Company values ​​that are easy to commit to, should reflect both the internal and external facing focus and the message should guide both the customer, the organisation and the entire staff. As the company values begin to work their way out through company marketing and philosophy and employee pride, then the company starts to seem like an attractive choice in the employment market.

So the process of creating, publicizing and promoting the values of a company will actually lead to an increase in how others see the company.

This is what we did at Fastroi. We checked our values, and one of the values that we agreed upon is easy to commit to. I also think that it is a value that is ethically and morally valuable. Simply put, one of our values is that WE CARE.


I CARE: I care about how I do my job and I understand what the end result will be; where, how and who needs it. I don’t want to create rules that are unmanageable or would take time away from something more important. Sometimes someone else demands it, and then I CARE to implement it. KISS (keep it simple stupid) is something that keeps me focussed and prevents me getting bogged down when things get too complicated.

I CARE: I take care of myself and my colleagues. I also take care of our well-being. Our lives are a constant balance in terms of rest, work and leisure. When each area is equal, the wheel of life is smooth and rotates without friction. I often speak at work about how important it is to reach out to others and I often find myself telling colleagues to go home and spend some time with your partner. These moments are a way to help reduce stress.

I CARE: Verbal communication and listening to others. It’s all about keeping your ears open at work and your mind free to notice spoken communication in others. Otherwise, important information may be lost and you may not be able to ask for it again. My customers are mostly internal, but I CARE answers the call from an external customers and seeks to help where I can.

I CARE: I develop and maintain my expertise. My goal is to have WIN-WIN situations for both myself and the company. I have embraced continuous learning and I try to bring new ideas to the company. This keeps me active and up to date which brings benefits to both the company and the employees. I CARE shares that knowledge and know-how with others; management, supervisors, experts. In our industry, yesterday’s information may be old today, which is why communication is so important. I CARE about the knowledge of colleagues and I appreciate their know-how. I learn and I am humbled as I am still in many respects just at the beginning of my journey . There is no end to the journey of continuous learning. This leads us on to our second value – WE LEARN AND COLLABORATE

Because #fastroi communicates and enables the development of my skills, it takes my well-being at work seriously. #fastroi listens, guides and together we learn. This is the value in our commitment to our promise that – WE CARE.

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