Developing a secure operating environment – Fastroi is preparing for ISO 27001 certification in 2019

Written by Kaisa Loijas, Project Manager

One of the values ​​of our company is quality. We have ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 management systems that serve as a guarantee for our cost-effectiveness, good risk management, and environmental impact.

Fastroi are currently getting ready for ISO 27001 certification in 2019. Information security has always been important to our company and we want to be involved in creating the most secure information environment possible. Our view is that employing security best practices enhances the rights, life and quality of our company, our customers, and individuals.

ISO / IEC 27001: 2017 and its requirements

The European Standard for Information Security, ISO / IEC 27001: 2017, is a widely respected international standard for information security. It defines the key features of essential processes and management as well as the approach that a company must take in order to manage information security risks in sensible and appropriate ways.

Organizations with ISO 27001 certification are officially audited and their functions must be compliant with the requirements of mandatory certification tools and management objectives in the information security area.

ISO / IEC 27001 requires:

  • Systematic and ongoing review of the company’s management regarding the information security risks of the organization, taking into account threats and vulnerabilities and their impact.
  • The company has designed information security management tools and mechanisms as well as other potential risk management tools. They form a coherent and comprehensive set and are implemented at the level of the company’s business practices.
  • The company has designed and implemented a comprehensive management process to ensure that information security management mechanisms remain at the level required by the company’s business and the performance of its mission to its customers.
    Information security concerns the entire business of the company

Information security is the whole company’s responsibility, not just the IT department. Risk-based approaches are vital for modern information security efficiency and effectiveness. There are several ways to achieve a good level of information security risk management, but in our opinion, the management objectives and means of ISO 27001 are the most comprehensive way to ensure the right, rational and adequate thinking and operational processes. Many companies are doing a lot of work on information security without ever applying for an official ISO certificate for their operations. However, ISO 27001 certification is the official proof that management standards and tools required by the standard have actually been deployed in the organization. ISO 27001 certification extends the security and reliability perspective as the keys to investing in information security and traceability are found in continuity and repeatability. Understanding the requirements of the standard at a sufficiently detailed level in the company is essential to ensure that the company’s operations are truly effective in the field of information security.

ISO 27001 guarantees the most secure and secure environment

In today’s world, corporate customers, partners, and other partners want to make sure that digital service providers do not create unnecessary or avoidable information security risks. ISO 27001 certification is a guarantee of trust and reliability. In this way, we can provide our customers and partners with the most secure environment for our products and services.

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