The Annual Cold Snap Arrives

- Written by Ian Walker, International Business Consultant

Following the recent cold snap in the UK, there was an article in The Mirror newspaper that highlighted how a tough job was made even harder for one home care coordinator. Every year in the UK, the country grinds to a standstill when the snow hits.

Providers also face the added anguish of lots of staff absences, with travel difficulties, as well as increased illness with annual bouts of flu. 2018 has been particularly bad in the UK and even Hospitals are struggling to cope. Care Providers need to have 1st-class communications with their staff, to allow immediate notifications of absence, as well as automated rescheduling, to allow emergency cover and standby cover to intervene. Only digitally transformed companies can manage that.

How does FINLAND Cope?

As a Finnish company just starting to do business in the UK, we saw this article and and it struck a particular chord with us. In Finland, we are used to snow and cold temperatures down as far as -30C. It happens every year for 5 months, and we are prepared for it. When it snows, the roads are cleared by a fleet of snow ploughs, tractors and trucks to take away the snow. The roads and pavements are cleared of snow quickly, treated with gravel and all of the cars have winter tyres and engine heaters to make sure they can get about. Life goes on!

For people working in the home care industry, this ensures that even if the weather is really bad, they are still able to get around to see all of their clients. We are also quite fortunate in Finland, as we are highly digitised country where technology allows us to better serve our clients.

Walking on Thin Ice

In the Mirror article, a care worker spent the day getting her shoes soaking wet, slipping on the ice and losing control of her car. What she managed to achieve however was a testament to her and the care profession. She managed to not only make all of her calls, but also add six extra on top of this. The problems that were highlighted in the article could have been made a bit easier if the woman had been able to communicate with her base about the adverse weather conditions, inform her clients that she might be running late, communicate with relatives about the clients, reschedule appointments, get travel information or re-assign activities to others who may be closer. These would have all been possible using a mobile solution like Fastroi’s Real Time Care. Digitising the work flows adds significant efficiencies to the home care profession while ensuring that the clients get the best care available whatever the weather might be doing.

A good pair of walking boots, winter tyres on the car, hat, gloves and an extra jumper would also have made this particular day a little bit easier to cope with, but as we say in Finland – There’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing!

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