A Network of Care. Bringing Families Back Together.

- Written by Ian Walker, International Business Consultant

As we continue our journey to launch Real-Time Care™ in the UK, we thought we would introduce some of the key features in the product to you.

A Familiar Story

It’s a typical family story. Children grow up and decide to leave home and move away. When you are young, the adventure of moving away from home should be done for selfish reasons and without the need to feel tied to the family home. Whether it is for university or a job offer, families spread out and become fragmented. Fast forward 20 years, and life may look very different. Successful careers have now been established, marriage and a new generation comes along. Life is great. Busy, but great! Almost.

As our parents get older, we are all faced with the reality of how to deal with their growing frailty. It is even harder when we do not live near them. While we might try to visit as often as possible, it can be very difficult to get a clear picture of what is being done and by whom. The information we receive from our loved ones may not be entirely accurate and the communication channels to the care team may not be clearly established. We may end up feeling left out and worry about missing an important piece of information.

Changing Needs

This is very common scenario that plays out in many households. Society has changed over recent generations and people have increasingly moved away and settled in other towns or even countries. Having a relative who is reliant upon care is difficult at the best of times. There are so many different agencies who need to become involved from both the health and social sides and it can be overwhelming for relatives to keep in the loop regardless of their physical location.

The Network of Care

This is where the ‘Network of Care’ comes in. It is a very simple concept. Connect all of the people who need to know about a person’s care in one place. It lets them share information and updates automatically and encourages communications between all parties.

To start with, everyone using the service can access it via an app or laptop if the care provider has signed up for the service. The system must be set up to include the correct authentication and user rights for everyone who uses the system and strict provisions are in place to ensure the security of all the data. It then becomes simply a matter of checking a phone after a visit to see exactly what has happened, because all of the reports and notes are filed centrally after each visit. Neighbours or good friends of the family could be included in the group with limited and controlled access and they may be able to send messages to the system after a social visit.

While society may have changed, and communities have spread out, we all still care about our loved ones. As Health and Social care continues to become more closely aligned and the push for digital transformation continues, it is the simple tools that bring people closer together by making use of technology in ways that are just not possible otherwise.

Fastroi are committed to providing residential and domiciliary care service providers with the tools to improve the quality of care they provide. Improving the peace of mind of loved ones is just one way of doing this.

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