A Moment to Reflect as We Move Forward

- Written by Jim Ward, UK Director

We Do Not Learn From Experience

We Learn from Reflecting on Experience

John Dewey

It has been a time of reflection within Fastroi recently. Our 15th Anniversary celebrations have given us the opportunity to pause and take stock of where we have come from as an organisation and most importantly, where we are going. Our journey has seen us grow from the seeds of an idea into market leaders in Care Management Software in Finland. We have achieved this success through hard work, cooperation and by understanding our customers needs.

In order to ensure the next 15 years and beyond, we must understand not only where we have come from, but also where we are going. Entering new markets is always challenging and this is precisely why we must take the bold steps to look abroad for new customers. Fastroi have been investing heavily in the UK market over the last 2 years and the results are now beginning to be seen.

Celebrating with New Friends

We recently attended the Care Show in Birmingham’s NEC where, once again, we were able to introduce Real-Time Care to a new audience who may not of heard of us yet. As part of the event, we decided to host an afternoon reception where we could introduce ourselves to new friends and to learn more about what our potential customers in the UK were looking for. It was a great opportunity to meet people for a drink and to get to know the business owners, decision makers and managers. Understanding their issues and requirements has always been one of the most important ways to ensure we are going in the right direction.

Looking to the Data for Clues

One thing that kept coming up during our discussions, was how reliant many organisations still were on pen and paper for recording and handling information. Whether this is for planning staff rosters or writing care plans the use of pen and paper can lead to significant problems in a system that is rapidly digitising. The recent CQC report on the State of Care hinted at such an issue when it looked at the problem of falling ratings within the adult social care sector. One of the key issues they pointed to was a lack of focus on good management and governance. The simple act of moving from paper based systems to a digital system which creates a single digital record would make the job of management and governance significantly easier.

Without Reflection, We Go Blindly On Our Way, Creating More Unintended Consequences and Failing to Achieve Anything Useful

Margaret J. Wheatley

As we take the time to reflect on our progress, we can see that our work in the UK is just beginning. Our belief that every care organisation could become outstanding provides us with the motivation to continue and we are looking forward to meeting many more people in the UK over the coming months and years.

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