From our first experience with Real-Time Care ™ it has proven to be the right care management system for our needs.”
– Hannele Salmi, Tupahoiva Oy


Tupahoiva has been Fastroi’s customer since 2007

When Tupahoiva, a provider of housing for elderly people with memory disorders, acquired its first customer information system, the company wanted to have a safe and modern solution.

“We heard from another company using Real-Time Care™. It seemed like a well suited and capable solution from the very first moment we saw it, “explains Hannele Salmi, a Work Shift Planner.

Tupahoiva started to use the Real-Time Care™ system in 2007. Work shift planning became an additional feature in 2015.
“Real-Time Care ™ has met our expectations very well and we can recommend it to other caregivers, “says Hannele Salmi.

Tupahoiva has been particularly pleased with how easy the system is to use. The customer support provided by Fastroi  has also fully met our expectations. “Communication with Fastroi has, in fact, gone well,” Salmi says.
Real-Time Care™ responds to our current demands extremely well. At this moment we have no need for other main features or integrations so far.

Tupahoiva Oy

  • Customers of memory-impaired elderly people
  • Residential places 16, staff 13
  • Turnover 1 MEUR