The introduction of Real Time Care™ has brought both time and money savings.”
– Kaisa Annala, Office Manager of  Sompion Tähti Cooperative

Mobile Care Management System enhances the performance of a mobile organization

Sompion Tähti provides care and other services for elderly people living at home in the municipalities of Sodankylä, Savukoski and Pelkosenniemi in the North Finland. The staff work independently and typically away from the office due to the long distances. This sets specific requirements for the care management system. Its use and functionality must not be dependent on location.

“The mobile RTC™ activity control system is necessary for us to do work shift planning, monitor working time and make observations,” says Office Manager Kaisa Annala.
Thanks to the mobile RTC™, Sompion Tähti has been able to give up our weekly meetings that previously included sharing work shifts and customer information. “The introduction of the system has brought both time and money savings,” says Kaisa Annala. “It also improves employee safety.”

“When the system is only used by the employee, we can see from the office where he or she is working and which customer he or she is going to” says Kaisa Annala.

Real-Time Care ™ has been in use at Sompion Tähti since spring 2014. The cooperative initially tested other systems but they decided to choose RTC.

“Good introduction training was one of the key factors why we selected RTC,” says Kaisa Annala. According to her, over time, the system has adapted to the needs of the cooperative even better.

“We have really liked using RTC software. It is very flexible and can be modified as needed, ”Annala describes.
According to her, cooperation with Fastroi has worked very well. “The system is also convenient for a smaller company. You can get help every time you need it, ”Annala says. Sompion Star employees also participate in the annual Fastroi’s RTC training days, where new tips for using system are available and she can network with social care stakeholders.


Cooperative Sompion Tähti

  • Provides nursing and other services for the elderly at home
  • 70 to 90 customers.
  • 16 part-time employees.
  • Revenue 255,000 € (2017)