“Good cooperation with Fastroi has been based on open interaction and an active desire to act for the benefit of our customers.”

– Ritva Turunen, Kuntien Tiera Oy

Kuntien Tiera Oy

The home municipality of Tiera, a company developing ICT services, identified a need for an enterprise resource planning for home care. South Karelia Social and Health Care District (Eksote) and a number of South Savoland municipalities decided to pioneer this matter with Tiera. Tiera arranged competitive bidding for the enterprise resource planning for home care based on the requirement specifications, prepared in cooperation with these municipalities. Fastroi Real-Time Care™ was the winner.  Tiera’s pioneers implemented the Tiera Mobile home care service in 2013. After that, Tiera’s Mobile home care has been provided without competitive bidding to all member municipalities of Tiera, currently more than 80 in total.

“A system that was already in production use in Finland was our absolute requirement. We did not want to start product development from scratch with the municipalities”, says Ritva Turunen, solution manager at Kuntien Tiera. Also successful interfacing with patient data systems and Fastroi’s ability to implement the integrations, among others, were in favour of the Fastroi Real-Time Care™ system.

Tiera’s customers have been very satisfied with the functionality of the system. According to Tiera’s and Fastroi’s customer satisfaction survey 2/2017*, as much as 84.4% were either very or rather satisfied with the Tiera Mobile home care service. In terms of the software, people were very or rather satisfied with the ease of implementation (93.3% of respondents) and the way the software supports their work (86.7% of respondents) in particular. According to the survey, the biggest development needs had to do with optimisation.

Based on the feedback received from the municipalities, the employees are satisfied with the enterprise resource planning, and it has made their daily work easier. They have been able to spend more time working directly with customers. The system has also resulted in cost savings as there has been less need for substitutes.

“We are in daily contact with Fastroi, as it is in the interest of both parties to serve customers as flexibly as possible. The cooperation is going very smoothly”, Ritva Turunen says.

Tiera and Fastroi are jointly offering the Mobile home care solution based on the Fastroi Real-Time Care™ system to municipal customers. Tiera is expanding the Mobile home care service with new properties, such as a planning view for service guidance and Family Member Messaging.

“Good cooperation with Fastroi has been based on open interaction and an active desire to act for the benefit of our customers”, Ritva Turunen says.

*Tiera and Fastroi’s customer survey, 46 respondents, 2/2017.

Kuntien Tiera Oy

  • A limited company owned by municipal actors, developing ICT services for the municipal sector in cooperation with municipalities and other public and commercial actors.
  • Currently owned by more than 260 municipal actors: 198 municipalities, 43 joint municipal authorities, 21 limited companies owned by municipalities and the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities.
  • Approximately 120 employees.
  • Revenue EUR 30.8 million in 2015.