“I always recommend Fastroi and Fastroi Real-Time Care™ when asked” – Satu Jäntti, Alina

Alina has given significant input in the development of the Fastroi Real-Time Care system

The founders of Alina Ltd wanted to switch over to an electronic system at the beginning of the 2000s to enable the agile growth of the company.

Terttu Blomberg met representatives of Fastroi through a development project. Cooperation and the development of Fastroi Real-Time Care system started immediately.

“We started using the Fastroi Real-Time Care system as soon as it became available”, says Satu Jäntti, chain manager.

“We like the way the system turned out, and no wonder as we participated in its development right from the start, which gave us the opportunity to influence the features of the Fastroi Real-Time Care® system. The development work with Fastroi has been smooth. We are very happy with the versatile and flexible cooperation”, Jäntti says.

According to Jäntti, companies should include the invoicing and work shift planning extensions in the Fastroi Real-Time Care™ system to realise the full benefits of the solution, although the requirements of the public and the private sector vary quite a bit. Agility is a key factor especially in the private sector.

“I always recommend Fastroi and Fastroi Real-Time Care when asked,” says Jäntti.


  • A national franchising chain of approximately 30 companies
  • Number of employees approximately 150
  • Home work, nursing and care services, home services for families with children and Alina doctor services
  • Most of the customers are elderly, but customers also include families with children, users of cleaning services, people with disabilities and others who need help at home