Our customer service is based on a genuine desire to help.

The Fastroi family is a close knit community that always has room for skilled and motivated people. Each and every one of us, from the administration to trainers, bring their individual characteristics into the team, and that’s what makes us Fastroi!

Fastroi as an employer

We do things properly at Fastroi, but we don’t burn the candle at both ends. We want everyone in our company has the opportunity to grow, develop and become excited, and first and foremost to help. Well-being of the employees is one of our four values, and we ensure that you can see it in all that we do!

Job vacancies

There’s always room for more great people. If you think you’d fit in with us and feel that you have something to give to Fastroi Oy, we definitely want to hear more, right away!

Trainee positions

Many of us at Fastroi Oy started their career with a traineeship that went well. And why not–we naturally want to hold on to skilled and enthusiastic people!

At our office, you get to challenge yourself in a variety of duties and learn things that you don’t read about in textbooks. Year round, we recruit trainees and students writing their theses.