We believe that every care home and domiciliary care service in Britain Could be rated Outstanding.

Becoming Outstanding!

Research carried out by Fastroi, using CQC data, has found that 25% of Residential homes and 20% of domiciliary care services are rated as ‘inadequate’ or ‘requires improvement’.

The challenge is to offer struggling providers new ways to improve their ratings in difficult times. Our care management software, Real-Time Care™ (RTC), from Fastroi has already solved many of the problems that companies face. In fact, the top 6 issues found by the CQC can all be easily managed with RTC™.

  • Risk Management
  • Staff
  • Quality & Governance
  • HR
  • Care Planning
  • Medication

Get out of ‘Firefighting’ mode and become Proactive!

Releasing time from admin tasks gives you more time to care.

So how can RTC™ do this?

  • Care and Work Management
    • Plan all of your workshifts – manage holidays and absence
    • Create customised alerts and warnings
    • Improve risk management and assessment
  • Care Workers
    • Connected Care Plans – collaborate securely online, help deliver successful outcomes
    • Mobile device reporting – checkboxes, dictat observations
    • Medicinal adherence – store medicinal information and special instructions
    • Nutritional support – provide observations vital in well-being
    • Route planning and automated travelling expenses
  • Finance
    • Complete invoicing system connected to other features
    • Clock in/out from mobile devices or 3rd-party hardware
    • Monitor real vs planned activities
    • Customised or split pricing for different tasks or customers
  • Network of Care
    • Securely communicate with the care team and relatives or other services
    • Improve transparency
    • Better staff support and complaint management

If it was not recorded – It didn’t happen

Real-Time Care™ gives you the right tools so that you can focus on providing the best quality of care.

  • Generate tangible cost savings that pays for the system nay times over
  • Simplify CQC inspections & GDPR compliance
  • Improve the quality of care

”RTC™ was voted the most user friendly system in the private sector and social welfare services.”

The journey to becoming Outstanding starts here. Contact us for a demo, more info or access to our CQC white paper.

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