Fastroi to showcase its mobile ERP -solution for the healthcare and social services in the Health & Social Care Innovation Expo

Joensuu, Finland, 9 August, 2016

“Fastroi, a successful Finnish company and provider of mobile Health & Social Care innovative technologies, is launching in the UK at the Health & Social Care Innovation Expo, in Manchester in September.

Fastroi provide technology to support health & care workers, providing support for service users in their own homes or within care home environments. Our product, “Real Time Care (RTC)” is a proven, market-leading technology that offers intelligent and real-time optimisation of staff time, taking into consideration parameters such as;

  • skills/qualifications of staff
  • locations of staff and service users
  • transport
  • care plans

The system also can integrate with other systems, such as personal health records (PHR) within healthcare, TeleCare and TeleHealth systems, as well as building a “Network of Care”. This supports trusted individuals, who, as well as the care providers, could be friends, family, volunteers or charities. They can view through a “Family Portal”, the previous, current and future care plans, schedules of visits and other factors so that they can integrate with these paid services and ensure the service user can be supported outside these times, as best as possible.

Fastroi is one of the few technologies aiming to offer such services. They already have a family portal called Network of Care. Already optimise and reschedule staff in real-time and along with other features, such as invoicing, apps for workers, maps, driving logs, compliance services and so on, they really are better equipped to offer one of the most comprehensive and affordable platforms of care in the UK.

Come along to the Finnish Stand no. 49 on the 7th & 8th of September in the Manchester Central conference centre. Contact us if you need help in registering or need a pass. Pre-arrange a meeting with our UK representative, Jim Ward, or our CEO Risto Jalovaara.

Fastroi Ltd. is a Finnish software company providing mobile enterprise resource planning (ERP) and client data systems for the care, nursing and housing sectors. Our smart solutions enable versatile data acquisition, storage, analysis and transfer between different IT systems.