We care – also about the environment

Green things are worth caring for, just like us people.

Fastroi Oy has specified an environmental policy for its operations, which holds an ISO 14001 environmental certificate. We strive to reduce the burden to the environment both in our own operations as well as through our electronic products. By using our products, our customers don’t only make their operations more efficient; they also do a favour for the planet.

This is realised by the following, among others:

Less unnecessary driving

The automatic optimisation of work in Fastroi Real-Time Care™ effectively places the right resources in the right place. Various factors, such as shortest travel time, can be weighted in the planning of optimisation so that the application cuts down unnecessary driving.

The driving log feature allows the electronic measurement of journeys using a mobile device. An electronic travel expense invoice is created from the driving log. The invoice can also be approved electronically.

We also record measurement data of the driving by our staff and try to reduce driving when possible. We encourage online meetings and training in order to reduce emissions caused by unnecessary travel.

Less paper usage

Our solution allows us to implement fully paperless work processes for our customers:

  • Electronic user instructions
  • Electronic reports
  • Electronic data transfer in payroll and invoicing, for instance

Our system also supports the following electronic solutions for social care and healthcare:

  • ePrescription (in Finland)
  • Kanta (Patient Data Archive ) archive and kanSa archive
  • PSOP system

We also measure our own paper consumption and strive to reduce it by, for example, mainly delivering our guides and other documentation in the electronic format.

Environmentally responsible offices

Our offices are located in the Joensuu Science Park that pays special attention to environmental responsibility by, for example, investing in waste management and recycling as well as energy efficiency by means of building automation and lighting solutions.
Learn more: Joensuu Science Park