FastROI Real-Time Care® - More time to care

FastROI RTC® - mobile ERP -solution for the healthcare and social services

FastROI Ltd. provides mobile ERP- and CRM- solutions for the healthcare and social services. Our products are suitable for both the private and the public sectors. We deliver all our software solutions simply and securely through a cloud service.


FastROI Real-Time Care® is a mobile CRM-, ERP-, workforce management and reporting system for housing service units, home care and service providers at healthcare and social sectors.

We are market leader in Finland in mobile home care and service solutions. Find out more on some of our references.

> RTC® Home Care
> RTC® Housing Services for the Elderly
> RTC® Early Childhood Education
> RTC® Child Welfare
> RTC® Mental Care Service
> RTC® for Substance Abuse Service
> RTC® Special Care and Disability Services
> RTC® Shift Planning


Many private and public organisations in the care sector rely on our products. Find out more on our list of references.